Developed by and made for Electricians

The Helios School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based out of Chesapeake, VA. We're licensed and insured in Virginia and have been approved through the Commonwealth of Virginia. Plus, our owner has more than two decades of industry experience. He's trained countless apprentice electricians and knows what you need to succeed as a skilled tradesperson.

Are you ready to take the first step to a better career? Enroll in one of our programs today.

Take advantage of our resources

Entering a skilled trade isn't easy. There are many things you may need assistance with. Our trade school is designed to provide the support young electricians need. Our programs can help you:

  • Learn necessary skills as well as safety standards
  • Register for journeyman and master electrician tests
  • Prepare for these tests and increase your likelihood of success
  • Form your own business and meet legal requirements

You can even sign up for a Continental Academy membership. This will provide you with a continued education and networking resource throughout your career. Contact our owner now for more information on our programs.

Our Nation Needs Electricians

Attend an established trade school

Electricity is important to every home and business in the nation. While the need for skilled tradespeople is only increasing, the number of tradespeople is decreasing. In fact, over 60% of electricians are 45 years old and older. What happens when they retire, and we don't have enough new electricians to replace them?

The Helios School aims to solve this multifaceted problem by training and assisting electricians. We provide opportunities for the younger generations to learn about their trade, gain licensing and start their own businesses.