Start Your Own Business the Right Way

Start Your Own Business the Right Way

You'll need to understand the legal basics

Once you've mastered your trade, you can make more money and enjoy more freedom by starting your own business. While setting out on your own is exciting, you want to make sure you're establishing your business the right way. The Helios School can help you. We train electricians in to understand business formation and laws. We also use the Mike Holt Training You can avoid issues down the line with the proper knowledge.

Discuss your business plan with an instructor now.

Get down to business

Business law is complicated. You want to understand its nuances before you make any big decisions. Luckily, our instructor can help you navigate the law. Plus, we'll help you with the actual work behind business formation. You'll get help navigating the department of regulations startup requirements, filing specific paperwork and locating offices for registration.

You don't have to form your business alone. The Helios School will be right there with you. Meet with an instructor today to get started on becoming your own boss.