Connect With Other Entrepreneurs

Connect With Other Entrepreneurs

Become a member of our entrepreneur group

Running a business is a learning experience. You're always growing your knowledge and making changes. That's why a single class isn't always enough. The Helios School offers a membership group for entrepreneurs. Continental Academy welcomes new business owners and seasoned pros, alike. You'll get assistance forming and running your electrical business.

Not sure where to begin on your business formation? Consult our instructors today.

You'll benefit from membership

Our Continental Academy program covers all of the skills you need to run your electrical business. Plus, it provides great opportunities to enhance your success. You'll:

  • Network and interact with other licensed electricians and support staff
  • Connect with supply chains and supply houses, as well as local marketing groups
  • Learn how to design a successful business of any size for any market

Join Continental Academy at The Helios School today.