Each year consists of 4 quarters. Each quarter consists of 13 3-hour modules that build upon the previous. Evaluation quizzes are given multiple times per quarter to help each student and instructor evaluate understanding before moving on to the next set of modules and a final for every quarter ensures comprehension of all material presented that quarter. Each quarter begins with construction safety and in field best practices. Hands on lab work is given to build upon the book and theory teachings and ends with a final comprehensive exam. Year 1 quarter 1 is designed for the person who knows absolutely nothing about electrical trade to progress over the next 4 years graduating to become a licensed journeyman electrician in conjunction with their on the job experiences.

Apprentice year 1:

Introduction, Orientation, Tools • Construction Safety- Electrical Fundamentals Digital Multimeter-Ohms law and power formulas Basic Electrical math - Basic Formulas- Series and parallel circuits- multi wire circuits- systems- devices-capacitance-induction-motors- generators- transformers- grounding and bonding- NEC familiarization

Apprentice year 2:

Construction safety- OSHA requirements- Emergency response- lock out tagout- Understanding the NEC and its uses-definitions- requirements for installations- wiring and protection- branch circuits- multi wire circuits- AFCI/GFCI protection- feeders-calculations- services- overcurrent protection- grounding and bonding- surge protection- wiring methods-materials- conductors-meters, cabinets and enclosures- raceways- service entrance- conduits and cabletrays

Apprentice year 3:

Construction safety- power quality- general use- cords, cables and fixture wires-receptacles, connectors and plugs- switchgear and panelboards- low voltage-luminaires-appliances- space heating equipment- motors- motor controllers- refrigeration equipment- grounding and bonding- student led presentations-classified locations- special occupancies- special equipment- information technology- pools, tubs, and fountains- emergency standby systems- power limited circuits- fire alarm systems- communication systems- solar- motors and motor controls

Construction safety- electrical estimating- leadership- NEC code review-electrical math review- motor, conduit, and fill calculations- conductor sizing and protection- advanced NEC calculations- advanced electrical theory- Program final exam- Journeyman practice exams and preparation